How to Root Amazon Kindle Fire (Video)

What’s better than paying just $200 for an Android tablet? Well, the option to actually run the full Android experience on your tablet. That’s right, if you were after rooting your recently unboxed Kindle Fire, watch our next video, and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to get it done. As with all of these procedures, we can’t say your warranty will be something that you’ll be able to keep, but for a $200 investment, we’d say it’s worth a shot.

You will need:

1. A Kindle Fire

2. A microUSB cable

3. The Android SDK installed and configured (ADB)

In the case of this video, a Windows machine (although the instructions can be translated to any OS). The following links and files:

– How-To Get ADB running AND Root with SuperOneClick

SuperOneClick v2.2

The hardest part, if you’ve never rooted a device before, is dealing with getting the Android SDK installed for the first time. There are plenty of instructions out there for this task, but feel free to ask if you need help in the comments down bellow.

Once you have your device rooted, you can navigate to the link below and install the Google Services Framework and any of the Google Apps you desire.

Google Apps on the Kindle Fire

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