How to Update Any Windows Phone 7 To Mango Beta 2 (Video)

A month ago we saw how you could update your Windows Phone to the latest Windows Phone Mango Beta but since then Redmond updated the build and released the Beta 2 of Mango which brings quite a lot of changes.

In this video walkthrough we’ll show you how to update basically any Windows Phone to the latest build 7712 of Mango, the Beta 2. The prerequisites are quite the same: you have to have a NoDo-powered Windows Phone and make sure you’ve got plenty of battery juice left!

1. Download the tool found at step 1 at the link below, version 0.3.

2. Download and install the Windows Phone Support Tools, 32bit or 64bit flavor according to your OS

3. Unpack the tool to C:

4. Download Zune to Beta Mango client (build 4.8.2098.0).

5. Follow the walkthrough video below.

Disclaimer: Before you continue reading any further please understand that anything you do to your smartphone is your own responsibility as the procedure described above can be harmful, void your warranty or even render your smartphone useless.

Tool: Windows Phone Hacker

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