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How to play Wordle and what is this viral word game?

By Sanuj Bhatia March 16, 2022, 4:00 am
wordle how to play Source: Pocketnow

If you've scrolled past through your social media in the past few days, you must have seen the green, yellow, and black colored boxes on your timeline with the word 'Wordle' written next to it. If you're wondering what is this widely popular Wordle word game and how you can play it, then you have come to the right place. Read along and learn everything you need to about Wordle.

What is Wordle?

On the face of it, Wordle is a simple word game. You have six chances and you have to guess a five-letter word. There are no hints. You start off with a random five-letter common word. The boxes change their color after you hit enter. Using the colored boxes, you enter the next word and keep on doing so until you reach the final word (or rather Wordle of the day).


What's interesting is that a new Wordle comes up only once in 24 hours. The game is quite engaging (and refreshing to be honest). Some say that Wordle is not just a game, but a restorative distraction from all the anxieties of our daily life. Continue reading to learn about how you can play Wordle and become a part of this hype train.

Why has Wordle become so popular?

Even though the developer Josh Wardle released the game in October 2021, it only became popular in 2022. It became a trend on social media to share the result daily and brag about how quickly one has solved the game. One of the reasons why Wordle became famous is also that the game refreshes only once in 24 hours. The game, sort of, compels a user to open it every day instead of just giving puzzles one after the other. It's a refreshing activity that takes our minds off from worldly distractions. Soon after the game became popular, Wordle was bought by New York Times in January 2022.

What do the green, yellow, and black colored letters mean in Wordle?

wordle green yellow black boxes meaning Source: Wordle
  1. Green: Green colored box means that the letter in this box comes in the final word and its position is also correct.

  2. Yellow: Yellow colored box means that the letter in this box comes in the final word, but its position is incorrect. Try using this letter in any of the other 4 positions.

  3. Black: Black colored box means that this letter does not come in the final word. Avoid using this letter in the next guesses.

How to play Wordle?

  1. Open the Wordle website on your device.
  2. You'll be presented with a 5 x 6 grid of empty boxes. 5 boxes in one row mean you have to guess a 5-letter word and you'll be presented with 6 chances of reaching the correct word.
wordle how to play Source: Pocketnow
  1. Now, start the game by typing a 5-letter word. After entering your word, press the Enter button.

(Hint: There are several ways of completing the game in as few chances as possible, so check out the tips and tricks section down below.)

  1. When you hit enter, some of the boxes will turn green, while some will turn yellow, while some will turn black. We have already explained what these green, yellow, and black colored boxes mean in the previous section.
wordle how to play Source: Pocketnow
  1. Now using the green and yellow words, make more guesses until all the boxes turn green. All green boxes mean you have reached the correct word. Don't get it? Check out the example down below that will make things clear for you!
  2. After you reach the correct word, you'll be presented with a dialog box using which you will be able to share your result, see your winning streak, and check the time until the next puzzle goes live.

How to share a Wordle result?

As soon as you complete your Wordle, you'll be presented with a dialog box. This dialog box shows the streak (how many days in a line have you guessed a word correctly), maximum streak, winning percentage, time remaining for the next wordle to be unlocked, and so on.

wordle how to share Source: Wordle

Towards the bottom of this dialog box, there is a "Share" button using which you can share the result on your desired app. Remember that sharing doesn't share the actual words that you have guessed correctly. Instead, it only shows green, yellow, and black colored boxes so there are no chances of you spoiling the game for the other person.

Wordle Tips and Tricks

wordle tips and tricks Source: Pocketnow
  1. Solve Wordle quickly: There are a lot of ways you can solve Wordle quickly, but the best practice is to start with "ADIEU". This will give you an idea (mostly) of the vowels being used in the word, and you will be able to guess in a few chances. You can also use other words like "STARE" and "AROSE".

  2. Want to play more?: Wordle is an addicting game. If you're starting right now, chances are you have missed the last ~200 wordles. Go to this website and you can play all the Wordles of the past. Just select the date and you can play the Wordle of that specific date.

  3. Turn on hard mode: You can enable the Hard Mode option by clicking the gear icon in the top right. In this mode, you must mandatorily use the yellow and green letters in the following guesses.

  4. Turn on colorblind mode: There is a colorblind mode that changes the color of the boxes to orange and blue making it easier for people with colorblindness to differentiate between the correct, semi-correct, and wrong words.

  5. Wordle alternatives: Want to play more Wordle-like games? There are a number of word games available online. Check out Wordleap, Scrabble Go, Wordful, Wordly, and Primel.

Well, that's pretty much everything you need to know about Wordle. If you have any questions about the game, let us know in the comments section below and we would be more than happy to help!


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