Angry Birds is a certified casual gaming sensation on par with Tetris and Minesweeper, which is why so many Android owners are understandably frustrated with the ad-supported title available in the Market. Since no paid version is offered as on the iOS and Symbian platforms, Android users who want the full experience must deal not only with pop-up ads — which annoyingly moved to the upper right corner as part of the latest update — but increasingly, full screen video commercials as well. It’s enough to totally throw off any rhythm you’ve got going, which is why certain illegal methods have popped up to subjugate the advertising.

Well we’re here to tip you on a somewhat-obvious way of skipping those performance-draining ads while staying completely above the law: turn off your radios. With no cellular or WiFi connection, Angry Birds can’t communicate with any ad networks, and since it doesn’t cache any ads locally, there’s no way to display them. Obviously the downside here is that you won’t be able to receive any calls, texts, emails, or tweets while you’re playing — but to the true Birds fanatic, those things are just annoying distractions anyway.

Update: Reader Tom notes that you can just kill your data connection, instead of shutting off the cell radio, allowing you to continue receiving calls and texts. Thanks Tom!

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