How to Make Your iPhone & iPad Feel Much Faster (Video)

Something that has always bothered me about iOS is that there are heavy animations throughout the operating system. Whether you’re moving between items in a list, going back to the homescreen, launching apps, opening folders, or emailing a photo, there are long, slow animations at every turn. This gives the appearance of smoothness and fluidity, but it’s also tremendously ineffecient. Android lets you turn off animations in Developer Options out of the box, but in iOS, you can’t doing anything about it. Unless, that is, you jailbreak and download the free app Accelerate. It lets you set a variety of settings for animations; all the way from suppressing animations completely, to just making them a bit quicker. No matter the setting, the app works fantastically, is stable, and seems to have no negative impact on battery life. It’s literally changed the way I use an iPhone (and it works for the iPad, too). Check out the video below to see it in action!

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