Android Power User: How Do I Factory Reset My Phone or Tablet? (Video)

After you’ve used your smartphone or tablet for a good, long time, eventually you’re going to want to get a new one. What are you going to to with your old one? Will you put it in a drawer and let it collect dust? Or will you give it to a friend or family member, or maybe even sell it? Whatever you end up doing, it would be wise to run it through a “factory reset” before letting it leave your hands!

In this video we’ll go through the steps necessary to wipe four different devices, the T-Mobile G2, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Droid RAZR HD, and Nexus 7. We’ll show you how it’s all done on devices from different OEMs, running different versions of Android, and how Custom ROMs like CM10 and CM 7.2 are handled.

As a bonus, we’ll also tell you what to do if your phone or tablet has a removable sdcard in it.

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