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How to Download YouTube Videos in 4K

By Anton D. Nagy May 6, 2021, 11:58 am
4K Video Downloader

There are lots of different types of videos that you might want to save from YouTube. It could be music, a movie trailer, a news clip, or stock clips for video editors. When it comes time to download a video, you’ll notice that YouTube does not have any way for its users to do this. 

If you need to download a YouTube video, you can use 4K Video Downloader as a free and easy solution. 

  1. Start by downloading the 4K Video Downloader for free. You can use this software to easily save videos from YouTube, in 4K quality. Once your software is installed, you’ll be ready to begin your first download.
  2. Now, go to the YouTube video that you’d like to download, and copy the URL. You can paste the URL into the download manager, using the Paste Link button. This is when you will see your different download options. Choose the resolution and format that you want your video to be saved.

Get 4K Video Downloader for Free

By default, your videos will be saved in your C:\Videos\4K Video Downloader folder. You can change the destined download folder when pasting a new YouTube link.

Download Restricted Videos

Many videos on YouTube can be age-restricted due to the content of the video. This prevents people from watching or downloading the video unless you are signed into an account and agree to the video warning. To solve this problem, 4k Video Downloader lets you log in with your YouTube account, and continue to download these age-restricted videos. 

  1. After you’ve installed the 4K Video Downloader, go to the Preferences section.
  2. Use the YouTube login section and enter your login credentials. [This requires a premium plan]
  3. Once you are logged in, you’ll be able to paste age-restricted video links into 4K Video Downloader.
4K Video Downloader

Subscribe to Automatically Download New Videos

There are lots of different types of content that users might want to download regularly. For specific channels, you can use a download subscription [This requires a premium plan]. This is useful for users that want to download new episodes of a podcast, music channel, vlogs, and more. 

Select the Subscriptions button and paste the link to the YouTube channel. This will begin downloading every new upload to that specific channel. You can also have multiple subscriptions and download videos as often as you’d like. 

Use Smart Mode to Download Videos in One Click

If you find yourself downloading a lot of different random videos, you can use Smart Mode to improve the process. Smart Mode allows you to input your preferred download settings for all of your videos. Then you can select the destination folder where your videos will be saved. The software will remember your settings, which will let you download new videos with a single click. 

4K Video Downloader

Once you give 4K Video Downloader a try, you’ll be hooked on how quick and easy it is to download videos for free. This is an especially useful tool for anyone that works with video editing or social media in general. You can check out a more extensive guide to 4K Video Downloader here.

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