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How to Disable Annoying Bluetooth Headset Disconnect Notification

By Anton D. Nagy August 20, 2009, 12:00 am

The annoying Bluetooth Headset disconnect notification sound and popup can be easily disabled via a registry tweak or by installing a cab, if you’re like me and you really find it annoying (I know I do). Read more to find out how to achieve this!

The easiest way is by downloading a cab from XDA Developers which you should install to your Device. After that, if you go to Start, Settings, Personal, Sounds & Notifications, Notification, you will discover a new entry in the drop down list, called Bluetooth Warning. By unticking the Play sound a Display message on screen, you will no longer be warned, neither visually or by audio every time your Bluetooth Headset disconnects after a call or by getting out of range.

Alternately, you can manually edit the registry by adding the following (it’s what the cab does, actually):

In HKCUControlPanelNotifications add a key called “{607CDEA2-E44A-4528-A2C3-A7DC6B6D824D}”, inside that create a DWord “AvailableOptions” with a value of “9” and a String with the name “Bluetooth warning” (use all the above without the quotes!).

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