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How Thin Will Apple Make The iPhone 5?

By Stephen Schenck June 20, 2012, 5:08 pm

Over the course of the past month, we’ve had the opportunity to check out several components attributed to the upcoming iPhone 5, showing-off its new, longer construction in order to support a larger display with a higher aspect ratio. We’ve also seen some schematics that purported to reveal the exact measurements of the handset, but they were missing depth information. Lacking someone with access to those components breaking out a caliper to take some readings, we’ve been without a precise assessment of just how thin the model might be. A new leak attempts to rectify that situation, claiming that the iPhone 5 will be a mere 7.60 millimeters thick.

This new figure comes courtesy of a case manufacturer; we’ve known such companies in the past to occasionally get accurate handset info in advance. In this case, the source claims high confidence in the figures, and is apparently already committing them to advance production of new cases.

Since the iPhone 4S measures-in at 9.3 millimeters, that would make the iPhone 5 nearly 20% thinner than its predecessor, a pretty substantial slimming-down. We know that plenty of you don’t necessarily want a super-thin smartphone, but perhaps the added length coming to the iPhone 5 will serve to offset this change, helping the handset to still feel comfortable in the hand.

Source: MobileFun
Via: BGR

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