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How to move WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone?

By Aryan Suren July 23, 2022, 10:30 am
whatsapp chat transfer Android to iPhone Source: Pocketnow

WhatsApp's user base across the globe is significant, and a feature it frequently requested was the ability to transfer data between iOS and Android platforms. The system to switch from iPhone to Android devices — Samsung or others — has been available for nearly a year now, and we're glad the method to transfer the other way around is finally out of beta and available for everyone to use.

Hence, if you've wondered how to go about the migration process and move your data from an Android phone to an iPhone, here are the required steps.

Prerequisites on Android

  • Your device needs to be running Android 5 or newer.
  • You should have WhatsApp version or later installed.
  • You should have Move to iOS installed.

Prerequisites on iPhone

  • Your iPhone needs to be on iOS 15.5 or newer.
  • Your iPhone should be factory reset before attempting the migration.
  • You should have WhatsApp version or later installed once the iPhone is ready to download apps.

Other Requirements stated by WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp should use the same number on both devices.
  • Connect both devices to the same WiFi network, or ensure the Android device connects to your iPhone's hotspot.
  • WhatsApp recommends connecting both devices to a power source as the transfer can last for multiple hours depending on the amount of data you transfer.

Tip: In addition to having a power source, ensure both devices have their Screen Timeout or Auto-lock settings set to never; this will help avoid interruptions.


Once you have met all the requirements stated above, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Begin setting up your iPhone, and once you reach the section related to Apps & Data, choose Move Data from Android.

an image showing the screens while attempting to use Move to iOS Source: Pocketnow | Original Image by Apple

Step 2: Open Move to iOS on your Android device and follow along.

image showing the steps you need to perform on an android phone to complete whatsapp data migration Source: Pocketnow
  • Tap on Continue, and agree to the Terms and Conditions required by Apple.
  • Now, find and enter the code displayed on your factory reset/new iPhone after you perform Step 1, then wait for your Android device to connect to your iPhone.
image showing the steps you need to perform on an android phone to complete whatsapp data migration Source: Pocketnow
  • Once connected, ensure you choose WhatsApp on the Transfer Data screen. The WhatsApp application should now open and initiate another dialog.
  • Now, tap on Start at the bottom of the screen, starting the data compilation process. Once done, tap on Next.
  • Select any other information you'd like to move to your iPhone and tap on Continue.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

Step 3: Once the data transfer is complete, set up your iPhone and download WhatsApp.

image showing the steps you need to perform on an iPhone to complete whatsapp data migration Source: Pocketnow
  • Agree to WhatsApp Terms of Service.
  • Enter your Phone Number — ensure the number entered matches the one used on your Android phone.
  • Once the verification is complete, you will see the Move Chats from Android splash screen. Tap on Start.
image showing the steps you need to perform on an iPhone to complete whatsapp data migration Source: Pocketnow
  • Provide Permissions to enable transfer. We noticed the app asked for access to Photos for this step.
  • Let the device complete the process, and ensure your iPhone remains unlocked during this procedure.
  • Tap on Next once you see the success splash screen. Following this, enter your details, and you will see your old chats imported to your new device.

What data cannot move?

In the current system that WhatsApp has implemented for data migration, users can only transfer personal messages from one phone to the other. The company outlines that peer-to-peer payment messages and WhatsApp call history will not move.


Does my WhatsApp data remain encrypted?

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that the data transfer between Android and iPhone will remain end-to-end encrypted as the migration takes place.

Will my Android phone still retain my data?

Your Android phone will retain all your data until you delete the WhatsApp application or factory reset the Android phone.

What to do if you missed the import option?

According to WhatsApp's documentation of the procedure, if users miss the import option during setup, they will need to repeat the entire process from scratch, including having a factory reset iPhone.

Can I merge the data already on my iPhone with the older messages on my Android phone?

Unfortunately, there is no way to merge the new history on your iPhone with the old records on your Android.

Will you finally switch to an iPhone now that you can migrate WhatsApp data, or will you hold onto your Android phone? Let us know with a comment below.


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