How Exactly Do You Multi-Task?

Windows Phone 7 Series has a kind of strange way of multi-tasking that is a bit like the iPhone method. There’s “smart multi-tasking” where programs can perform certain tasks in the background. For example, the browser can supposedly download a web page while you’re doing something else. Music can play and Live Tile applications can perform certain actions in the background as well. This is not the traditional sense of multi-tasking where full applications remain in memory at all times until closed.

Granted, Windows Phones have an interface that really only allows you to interact with one application at a time anyway. It’s not like Windows on your desktop where you can arrange multiple applications across multiple monitors and interact with all of them at the same time.

So in what kind of scenarios do you need to multi-task on your phone? Will those scenarios be possible with “smart multi-tasking”?

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