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How Big is Too Big? Toshiba Creates 13.3-Inch Tablet Prototype

By Stephen Schenck March 6, 2012, 7:34 pm

When we recently looked into the state of tablet sizes, we noted how, despite a few outliers, we’ve been dealing with an upper cut-off at just over 10 inches. Is that a hard limit, though, or might there be a market out there for consumer-targeted tablets that are even larger still? That’s one question Toshiba’s been asking itself lately, as it put together a prototype of a tablet with a massive 13.3-inch screen.

For now, this is just a non-working prototype, and Toshiba is using it to gauge reactions and see if there just might be demand for devices this size. In the event it’s ever produced, it’s likely to feature a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, as is currently vogue in the Android tablet field.

Were not sure just how many characteristics of the prototype might carry-over to a finished product, but reports note that the demo 13.3-incher was pleasantly light for its size. That’s good to hear, since our biggest concern with tablets of this scale is being able to hold them comfortably while in-use.

Very little has been mentioned about possible specs, but we’re quite curious what Toshiba might be thinking for display resolution. 1080p sounds like a safe minimum, but at this size, we wouldn’t be surprised to things stepped up a notch further. With any luck, we’ll be seeing this guy again, and hopefully as a working model, at a future industry event.

Source: Pocket-lint

Via: Android Spin

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