It’s nighttime in America and it’s Friday to boot. We should be out on the streets painting the town red. But instead, we’re sitting down, cracking a few cans open and talking with our best mates about a new Mate.

As Huawei takes over the scene for the week with a couple of luminescent phones, Evan Blass and Alcatel remind us that Windows can be a fun platform if it tried. Will it try? We may come up with an answer or we may just pass onto the unrelenting carrier wars, flip phones for modernity, Kickstarters, Indiegogos and a kick in the pants for us to go go GO!

It’s the weekend and this is episode 225 of the Pocketnow Weekly.

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Pocketnow Weekly 225

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November 4, 2016


Jules Wang

Juan Bagnell


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How’s it goin’, Mate?




Following on from the Huawei P9, the Mate 9 makes its debut in Munich, Germany. Our Juan Carlos Bagnell was there to handle the Leica-endorsed, dual-camera goods — particularly with that fancy schmancy €1,400 Porsche Design version — while Jaime Rivera and Adam Z. Lein put some light onto the Huawei Fit tracker.



26:26 | This Windows phone is more than just a concept

32:09 | The Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10: where it’s at and where it won’t be

35:37 | Where’s Microsoft at with Windows 10 Mobile?

42:44 | Lenovo Phab 2 Pro finally makes it to the dance floor

51:52 |  ZTE flips a phone here, Samsung flips a phone there

57:59 | Apple dongles dangle for a discount as a jungle protests

1:05:37 | Blood on the water between T-Mo and Verizon

1:14:39 | We completely speculate that Foxconn and Sharp are moving to the US

1:19:07 |  Maybe Xiaomi is coming here, too?

1:23:08 | Crowdfunding Corner: 360° video-recording glasses and an eye-tracking VR headset

1:33:35 | Mobile beats desktop internet usage for first time ever




Yep. That’s a Southwest Airlines attendant. Dressed as a Galaxy Note 7.

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