The latest Tuesday-only ‘Hot Deal’ lets you score the HTC One A9 at $400 ($100 off)

It’s HTC Hot Deals day again, our bargain-hunting US-based friends, and for the first time in roughly a month, you’re actually looking at a substantial discount offered on a desirable product. Well, as desirable as HTC devices not called Vive can be.

Mere weeks ahead of HTC 10’s life-or-death launch, the One A9 is sold for a price much closer to its true market value. Namely, $400 in unlocked form or outright for AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint use. There’s no Verizon support coming after all, we’re afraid, which might be one of the reasons the promotion is happening in the first place.

Typically, the HTC One A9 costs $500, though if you’re willing to take certain warranty-associated risks, you can find “international” variants on Amazon priced as low as $377. But clearly, saving only an additional 23 bucks isn’t worth it, especially when HTC lets you pick between four coats of paint: carbon gray, opal silver, topaz gold, and snazzy deep garnet.

Like all Hot Deals, this one lasts 24 hours on the clock also, expiring at midnight PT tonight, March 8.

Not exactly the world’s most powerful phone, the HTC One A9 does at least run Android 6.0 Marshmallow (and it’s done so from day one), packing 3GB RAM, an octa-core Snapdragon 617 processor, 32GB internal storage, and fingerprint recognition. Pretty ho-hum list of features at $500, but more than decent at $400.

Source: HTC

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