Remember when Samsung scattered a whole bunch of features onto the Galaxy S3 and one of those obscure features was a screen mirroring feature across multiple Galaxy S3 devices?  This editor has been trying to figure out the name of the feature on and off and he still can’t find the darn thing. In any case, this feature from Huawei’s Honor may be more useful — if only because it doesn’t look ridiculous when it’s being used.

The company has promised new features to come on the V10 in China or View 10 elsewhere with software updates ahead and apparently, Party Mode is one of them that is on the current update. Here’s part of the changelog:

You can now connect several Honor V10 phones using NFC to play the same song simultaneously at parties, producing a multi-channel sound effect for a supreme audio experience.

Who needs a Bluetooth speaker when you can just ziptie a bunch of phones together? We have yet to be able to test the phone’s speakers, so whether this ends up being advisable is yet to be known. Alas, it’s something that Honor has put out and a somewhat welcome thing at that.

There’s also a new third-party paid feature for Game Suite users that will prioritize network capacity for the user — vague, but highly appealing.

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