If you like to be engaged with your smartphone maker, then you’re coming into a new era. Up to now, it was ZTE making its mark as a Chinese rover testing the grounds and catering to such a niche crowd — by golly, it’s trying to make a community-approved smartphone happen.

Huawei has been taking a measured approach in the US by withholding bigger releases in favor of more utility products in the market, mostly from its Honor brand. And it’s at this point that Honor is coming to harvest more feedback about how it’s doing and how it’ll do things with the Honor Beta program.

English speakers that reside in the US may apply at the source link below. Approvals will roll on through at least this year and be based on certain opportunities that would match an applicant’s profile. These could include surveys, comment periods and even beta testing on hardware and software products on the market now or perhaps even two years down the pipeline.

There’s a little effort to be taken into involvement with the Honor Beta program, which could be characterized as “For the Brave.” If you want to live up to the company’s slogan, you know where to go. Good luck.

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