It’s a $250 phone, but is it really one you can afford to take a risk on when you’re a klutz?

Apparently, if you’re Zack from JerryRigEverything on YouTube, it isn’t. But only if you base it solely on durability. Yep, the Honor 6X might be a handy little phone indeed, but it’s with this guy’s help that we actually find where Huawei took the corners off of its budget-focused products.

Here are some condensed conclusions:

  • There’s a screen protector included with the device for a reason: the glass underneath isn’t exactly Gorilla Glass. It scratches at Mohs hardness level 4 when other phones start scratching around 5 or 6. In Zack’s case, tweezers started marking the screen. It flexes very easily and takes some doing to crack it before the LCD below gets bent to ruins. Speaking of, the LCD recovers from short lighter flame burns just fine.
  • On the back, the camera glass is more scratch resistant. Otherwise, it’s pretty typical budget phone: the large midplate is made out of metal while the polycarbonte endcaps should help with drop shock. The fingerprint sensor did not survive immense scratching unlike its pricier counterparts.
  • The phone cannot survive the JerryRigEverything bend test. There are no attaching connections from the back shell of the phone to the actual chassis other than some sticking power on the plastic endcaps.

These tests are just indicators of how a device might fare under extreme conditions, to which your phone can be subject to on occasion. JerryRigEverything’s tests aren’t the final word on durability — Zack learned that the hard way. If you plan on getting an Huawei phone, you might want to consider adding on a case to your Honor 6X or, better yet, get an Honor 8 — that phone passed Zack’s tests with flying colors.

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