honor 5x vs idol 3

After unboxing, and sharing our second impressions, we thought it would be fun to pit the Huawei Honor 5X against our favorite budget phone from last year, the Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. On paper these two handsets are surprisingly similar. We’ve got the same screen size (five and a half inches) and resolution (1080p). We’ve got the same RAM (2GB) and storage (16GB with MicroSD card expansion). We’ve got the same camera specs (13MP on a one third inch sensor). Plus each phone has its own “niche feature”: a fingerprint scanner on the Huawei and front facing speakers on the Alcatel.

Moving away from listing the specs though, these two phones really couldn’t be more different. They have very different approaches to build materials, and the custom software for each is about as different as two phones can get. It’s an exciting time when even our inexpensive smartphones can carry so much character.

Phones at the sub $200 price point used to age quickly and poorly. How does an eight month old handset compare against the newest price-friendly phone from Huawei? It’s time for a good old fashioned grudge match. Buckle up as we compare the two in a bang for buck Honor 5X vs Idol 3 showdown below.

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