HomePod does not sell out, still available on February 9

The first weekend of pre-orders has wrapped up for Apple’s first smart speaker, the HomePod, and it doesn’t look like demand has surpassed supply.

If Apple’s fulfillment estimates are up-to-date and accurate, pre-orders made on January 30 — four days since pre-orders began — can still be delivered or picked up from an Apple Store in most Australian, US and UK locations on February 9, the official sales date.

Apple had delayed the launch of the product from its original December timeframe for unknown reasons, though it’s suspected that hardware-software integration issues were to blame. Supply chain rumors claimed that the first batch of one million units had been shipped to Apple from assembly plants in Asia. Market analysts are looking for up to 12 million shipments for the rest of the calendar year.

With that said, there are some concerns at this point whether there will be enough demand for a Siri-powered boombox priced at $349 when consumers can opt for much cheaper options from Google and, namely, Amazon instead.

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