Microsoft’s big Windows devices event is underway, and while we haven’t gotten to those eagerly awaited Windows 10 Mobile phones just yet, things are off to an exciting start. Microsoft brought its crowd-pleasing HoloLens VR headset back to the stage, wowing the crowd with a live augmented reality demo.

Between this and the earlier demos we’ve seen, there’s little denying that HoloLens looks incredibly fun (and we’re sure it has some very important industrial uses, too), but seeing it third-person like this is one thing; when are you going to get the chance to try it for yourself?

Well, the path to public HoloLens availability is still a long one, but today we get word of the next big milestone along that path: starting in Q1 2016, Microsoft will start making its HoloLens dev kit available to developers interested in getting started crafting apps for the self-contained system.

In addition to that release window, we also hear about pricing. Now, don’t go getting too, too concerned here, as developer pricing is not necessarily indicative of final commercial pricing, but it may put us in the right ballpark. And that’s going to be a ballpark with some very expensive seats, as Microsoft places HoloLens dev kit pricing up at a staggering $3000.

That Oculus Rift is suddenly sounding a lot more affordable, huh?

Source: Microsoft

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