Devs can now try Microsoft HoloLens in person at NYC store

Two big developments are happening in wearable tech right now – and specifically, in regards to head-mounted displays. Companies like Oculus VR and HTC are about to release fully immersive VR headsets, transporting their users to new virtual worlds. Then there’s Microsoft, whose HoloLens keeps users centered in the real world, while projecting an augmented reality interface that attempts to blend computer-generated graphics with the world around us. We’ve already told you a lot about both these directions the tech is taking, but talk is one thing, and especially when it comes to first-person experiences like this, seeing is believing. In order to help familiarize devs with HoloLens – and get them started crafting the next-gen software that will run on it – Microsoft’s brought its headset to the company’s flagship New York City store for some in-person demos.

For the past couple months now, Microsoft’s already been touring the country with pop-up HoloLens demo events. But spending no more that a few days in each city, it was easy to miss your chance to dive into the HoloLens experience for yourself. Now it’s setting up a more permanent shop at the company’s Fifth Avenue store in NYC, where beginning today, developers can register for a first-hand look at what Windows Holographic can do.

Mind you, this still isn’t for the general public – Microsoft’s looking to give software devs some early exposure to HoloLens so they can begin thinking about how their apps might benefit from the unique interface a head-mounted computer offers. So while the arrival of this demo space isn’t quite as exciting as it might be, we’re sure there are boatloads of devs out there who will be jumping at the chance to register for a first-hand HoloLens session.

If you find yourself among that contingent, hit up the source link below for details on how you can register.

Source: Microsoft

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