Zeiss is back in Nokia’s corner, helping HMD ‘set new imaging standards’ for smartphones

When HMD’s Nokia Mobile social media supervisors clarified their blunt remarks regarding the use of Carl Zeiss technology on new Android smartphones, leaving plenty of room for hope and speculation, we didn’t expect an “exclusive collaboration” announcement so soon.

But here we are, mere days after the long overdue US pre-order start of the “highly anticipated” Nokia 6, drooling at the prospect of “sophisticated smartphone imaging” baked into the Finnish company’s impending first flagship product.

We’re reading between the lines of a largely boring press release a little, as HMD and Zeiss mention nothing of the name(s), date(s) and market segment(s) targeted by phones with “co-developed imaging excellence.”

All we’re told is the new “home of Nokia phones” and Germany’s top optics and optoelectronics specialist are jointly committed to “set new imaging standards within the smartphone industry”, with a “long-term” agreement building on the “shared history and expertise between Zeiss and Nokia smartphones.” So, yeah, in case you forgot, the Nokia 9 is coming.

Widely tipped to adopt a trendy dual rear camera setup, including by internal presentation videos, the Snapdragon 835-based monster could well “advance the quality of the total imaging experience”, integrating unspecified innovations and Zeiss-powered upgrades “spanning the entire ecosystem from software, services, through to screen quality, and optic design.”

Worst case scenario, the Zeiss brand and expertise will be brought back to Nokia phones next year, assuming perhaps the 9 was too far developed when the “exclusive partnership” began seeing substantial progress behind the scenes. The sooner the better, though shutterbugs still yearning for the good old days of the Nokia 808 PureView or Lumia 1020 probably want this alliance to produce the best, not the fastest, results.

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