HMD CEO says to expect ‘wide’ Nokia smartphone portfolio, global focus ‘from day one’

Still wondering just how serious startup Finnish company HMD Global Oy might be about rekindling the Nokia smartphone flame next year? Dead serious, according to CEO Arto Nummela, who joined the original Nokia team way back in 1994, and served as the Vice President of the Microsoft Mobile Devices Sales group for Greater Asia, Middle East and Africa most recently.

An “experienced and respected figure in the telecom industry”, Nummela worked in various positions from product creation, portfolio and business management to sales and marketing throughout Nokia’s spectacular rise and fall.

Interestingly enough, he claims he’s “never seen” in his “life” such enthusiastic reactions from retail and trade partners as current negotiations for HMD’s H1 2017 global commercial debut. And mind you, by “global” Nokia’s exclusive licensor specifically means there’s no “selective market” rollout planned anytime soon.

Instead, the Nokia-branded featurephone and smartphone portfolios will be established similarly and very aggressively “right from the start”, with the “ability and organization spread across the planet so we are able to start the business globally from day one.”

Speaking of portfolios, Numella also confirmed to Indian press that 2017 Nokia-labeled smartphones will cover a “wide range of price points”, not looking to “exclude any consumer segment.” While no further details or exact numbers were revealed, “premium execution” is guaranteed “in each and every price point”, with the mid to low-end category in particular targeted by HMD. But don’t rule out a flagship-grade D1C configuration either.

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