HMD Global promises Android P for Nokia 3 and others

The Nokia 8 launched in the Philippines this past week and it was quite the straightforward launch event with the main event lasting just about 40 minutes. There was a big bonus dropped in at the end, though.

As HMD Global has committed to Pure Android for its Nokia-branded phones — spartan software that can be quickly updated — we’ve seen it promise Android Oreo for all of its phones. What we haven’t seen yet was a promise to Android P — two full operating system updates. That was until this event.

“[As to] the future-proofing of the devices, we’ve made a commitment that when you buy even a Nokia 3,” said Shannon Mead, Country Manager for HMD Global, “where many other products are on Lollipop or Marshmallow, you’ll get it on Nougat, you’ll get it on Oreo and you’ll get it on P.”

The remarks can be found around the 41-minute mark of the video above. Mead then tosses out some treat name suggestions for what may become Android 9.0, including Pretzel and, properly for the Filipino audience, Pineapple.

It would be best to get the pledge in writing rather than an off-the-cuff remark, but let’s get over the Oreo hump first.

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