HMD Global is seemingly planning some sort of a Nokia X revival for April 27

While many veteran Nokia fans would probably like to consider HMD’s first efforts from last year to be the Finnish brand’s all-time Android debut, Microsoft technically took a stab at a Nokia phone running Google’s market-leading OS way back in 2014. The Nokia X “family” died a painful and premature death later that same year, but HMD Global may have reason to suspect a certain degree of nostalgia lingers on.

We’re not talking the astounding levels of excitement generated by modern reboots of Nokia 3310 and 8110 dumb phones, but not a lot of people remembered the Sirocco name, for instance, and its revival seems to be going well. Unfortunately, we don’t know anything for sure about the apparently imminent rebirth of the Nokia X line.

All we have is a billboard spotted in China, featuring the aforementioned name and the letter “X” made up of what looks like the curvy contours of two mysterious phones. Whatever is coming, it’ll apparently get unveiled on April 27, and the complete lack of inside information, credible rumors and substantial leaks suggests this might not a very impressive device.

Then again, we can’t help but speculate the X could stand for “10” this time around, in which case we’d definitely be dealing with a new Android flagship going after Apple’s iPhone X. Hopefully, without a notch, and presumably, sporting significantly higher-end features than the Nokia 8 Sirocco, if something like that is even possible.

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