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Here’s how to hide iOS apps on iPhone and iPad running iOS 9 and above

By Anton D. Nagy January 4, 2016, 10:23 am

If you’re an iPhone or an iPad user, chances are you have, at least once in your life, tried to find a solution to hide (if not uninstall) some of the apps that Apple bundles with its devices. Well, for those of you who are brave enough to live the Jailbreak way, this might not be big news, but, for all the others, it’s one more reason for joy.

No jailbreak is needed for this little trick/hack to work, and it is persistent until you restart your iPhone or iPad. This isn’t, obviously, the best solution users were hoping for, and we’re pretty sure it’s also not what Tim Cook had in mind when he acknowledged that Apple is working on a way to allow users to get rid of some stock Apple apps.


Here’s what you have to do, as shown in the video:

1. tap and hold an icon on the Home screen, until they all start to wiggle;
2. drag the icon you want to hide onto another icon, to automatically create a folder;
3. rename newly created folder to Disappear;
4. drag the icon you want to hide to the second page of the folder;
5. let go of the icon; tap and hold again to drag it onto the third page of the folder;
6. once you’re on the third page, don’t let go of the icon. While pressing on it, hit the physical home button. Voila!

Repeat the above steps for all icons you want to hide.

Check out the video below showing the trick off, in case you can’t follow the instructions above.

Source: YouTube


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