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Microsoft has long been rumored to be working on two next gen ‘Project Scarlet’ consoles codenamed ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Lockhart’. The former has already been officially revealed as the Xbox Series X, while the latter is still under the wraps. The Lockhart console – rumored to debut as the Xbox Series S – will pack in less power and will be a more affordable alternative to the Xbox Series X. If you’ve been wondering about its design, well, a fresh leak claims to give us our first glimpse of the Xbox Series S. The leaked render not only reveals the design of Microsoft’s upcoming console for the masses, but also the alleged pricing of $299.

The leaked render, which comes courtesy of Thurrot, shows a white console with a familiar design. As per another leaked animation, the Xbox Series S will be smaller and much thinner than its pricier sibling. When placed vertically, you’ll see is a huge circular heat vent on the front with a contrasting black finish and the same cross-mesh pattern as the one we’ve already seen on the Xbox Series X. There are vents all across the top edge too. Over at the right side, we see a USB Type-A port. Notably, the Xbox Series S appears to lack a disc drive, which falls in line with previous rumors claiming that the cheaper next-gen console will be all-digital to bring down the price. 

Additionally, the leaked render also mentions a pretty aggressive asking price of $299, indicating that Microsoft wants to seriously undercut the PlayStation 5 by offering gamers a much lower entry-point into the next-gen console ecosystem. This will help gamers decide how much power they want from their console, and will also allow Microsoft to price the Xbox Series X in the same range as the PlayStation 5, taking on it mano-e-mano on power, performance, and pricing fronts. 

Talking about the differences, the Xbox Series S will reportedly churn out 4 teraflops of power compared to the Xbox Series X’s 12.5 teraflop output. It will also limit players to gaming at 2K 60fps, while its more powerful sibling will go up to 4K at 60fps and even 8K resolution. Additionally, there will be 10GB of GDDR6 RAM fitted inside the Xbox Series S, while the Xbox Series X ups that number to 16GB for a smoother experience. You can check more comparisons between the two upcoming Microsoft consoles below:

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