Here’s why the iPhone X will struggle in China

The iPhone 8 has done well in the Chinese market where the iPhone 7 and 6s have not when they launched. But while the third quarter has shown encouraging signs for Apple, it will have to defend its gains through the holiday season. That includes November 11, the biggest day for e-commerce transactions known as “Singles Day.”

The South China Morning Post reports that electrics retailer Suning is offering a discount on the iPhone 8 the equivalent of $136 — a base model device costs $889 in China to the United States’s $699, a 27 percent premium. The base model iPhone 8 Plus will get a $166 subsidy. The discounts scale up when switching from the 64GB model to the 256GB model. is also partaking in discounts of up to 10 percent off certain price tiers. These deals will run up to Singles Day with delivery afterwards.

“The iPhone 8 might be the most poorly sold flagship iPhone model in China, as such huge discounts have never been seen before in the country,” said Zhao Ziming, a senior analyst at Pintu Tank in Beijing.

In stark contrast to the Canalys report released yesterday, many Apple Stores in China failed to attract a crowd when the iPhone 8 went up for sale.

If customers do show some newfound interest in the iPhone 8, it may do so at perilous cost to the iPhone X.

Image: Hangzhou News

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