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Higher screen refresh rates have become indispensable components of flagship devices these days. However, the HUAWEI P40 series does not support the 120HZ refresh rate.

HUAWEI launched the P40 series in China a day ago. During the launch, HUAWEI CEO Yu Chengdong responded to the complaints about the P40 series not featuring support for the 120Hz refresh rate.

The executive said that HUAWEI P40 Pro can naturally be configured to support the 120Hz refresh rate. However, the company took into consideration “other factors”. It includes the strain of a high refresh rate on the battery alongside other factors that weren’t mentioned. Hence, HUAWEI decided to stick with the 90Hz refresh rate for the P40 Pro.

Further, the CEO said that P40 series’ 90Hz display has been optimized to be very smooth.

Source: IThome

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