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It looks like the leaks of the new iPhone of recent weeks and months were real. Gizmodo has gotten their hands on what they claim to be the next iPhone, and have posted a gallery of photos and videos with a high level of detail. What’s new? Beyond the hardware design which features metal sides and a plastic flat backing, a front-facing camera, and a larger rear camera with flash, Gizmodo also think thats the new iPhone has a higher resolutions screen and a larger battery. Both good additions, considering that the battery life on the iPhone isn’t particularly good, and that the screen resolution is comparatively low versus what you can get on Android or Windows Mobile.

Additionally, the new iPhone uses Micro SIM (like the iPad) instead of the standard SIM cards that we’re used to. These hardware changes makes for an iPhone that is heavier and larger than the 3GS.

Overall, we can’t help but feel that the unit that Gizmodo is in possession of feels a bit prototypish….the separated volume buttons doesn’t seem ergonomic, and the new thicker, non-tapered design is not characteristic of Apple. What do you think?

500x iphone8

500x iphone1a

500x iphone16

500x comp4

500x comp2

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