There was more than one way HMD’s MWC 2017 re-release of one of the most beloved mobile devices in history could have gone down. Fortunately for the exclusive global licensee of the Nokia brand, people reacted positively, almost enthusiastically, to the revamped 3310, color Snake game, outdated 2G technology and all.

Is the new “dumb” phone somewhat of a gimmick? Absolutely, but it’s also a refreshingly simple and straightforward execution of a concept as old as time. 17 years old, to be exact, with “modern” features like a 2MP rear-facing camera, microUSB port for charging, and 3.5mm headphone jack added to the winning Nokia 3310 equation.

A lot prettier than its bulky predecessor, this 2017 glossy plastic slab doesn’t seem prepared to take a beating, though at least it’s got a now-rare fully removable back letting you replace an already excellent-sounding battery.

Nostalgic fans of classic numeric keypads should be happy to hear this bad boy provides great tactile feedback, but don’t kid yourselves, it’s going to be a pain to get reaccustomed with T9 writing. Then again, perhaps some sacrifices are worth making for the crazy low price of €49, and the chance to welcome the iconic Nokia name and designs back in the limelight.

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