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HDPC–The Ultimate Dual-Booting Windows Mobile Communicator

By Chuong Nguyen March 24, 2008, 10:44 am

Nokia's Communicator style mobile phone/PDA hybrid has long been a popular choice for enterprise users, particularly in Europe. The MIU HDPC will change up that landscape a bit. HDPC, short for Hybrid Dual Portable Computer, packs 7 hours of battery life when booting in from Windows XP or Linux (uncertain at the moment) and some 90 hours on Windows Mobile. That's pretty intense.

The device also throws in an exterior dial which slides and tilts, similar to a SideKick meets the TyTN II/Tilt. There is a 4 inch 800 X 480 touchscreen inside, a 1 GHz VIA ultra low voltage CPU, and up to 4GB DDR RAM. There is also a 3-5 megapixel camera with flash and exterior screen with dial pad for the phone features.


It is unclear what bands and what technology powers the phone, whether it's GSM with HSDPA for high speed internet access or CDMA with EVDO for broadband speeds.

You can check out the details and photos at The Boy Genius Report, but from the looks of things, I probably wouldn't expect this to hit Stateside any time soon.


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