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hd2Wobble Early Beta Released

By Anton D. Nagy February 7, 2010, 8:47 am

We’ve posted about hd2Wobble before, a sequel to hdWobble and a Windows Mobile version of iBoobs but today we see a first early beta release of the app which looks very nice!

The application taking advantage of the fast processor in the HD2 and OpenGL acceleration brings a very nice image browsing experience to life, with fluid tilt scrolling both portrait and landscape, from where you can choose the image of your liking for the rest of the app… which is where you select “certain regions” of an image that will later wobble as hard as you move or shake your device ;). hd2Wobble supports multitouch so you can only use it on an HD2 for now.

The application can freely be downloaded and after install, you will notice that it also comes with a few images to get you started using the app.

Check the videos below:

(Source: XDA Developers)

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