HBO Joins Mobile Craze With Planned Streaming App

HBO which already offers streaming services to current cable subscribers online through its HBO Go portal is now looking into offering streaming content onto mobile. The company has said that it will not partner with Netflix to avoid commoditization of its content, but rather will go solo with an app for iOS devices. According to HBO, an app is already in development and should be ready in about six months. Like HBO Go, which streams content to PCs at this time, the mobile service will most likely be free, and only available to current cable subscribers. This way, HBO is still maintaining its bread and butter business and not diluting its market power.

The mobile streaming service is expected to hit iPads and other mobile platforms. It’s just unfortunate that now that the technology is mature enough, we’re seeing innovation being somewhat stifled with talks of tiered data plans. Streaming services like Netflix, HBO Go on mobile, Hulu Plus, and Sling would definitely benefit from unlimited data plans.

(via: IntoMobile)

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