Last summer we heard about HBO’s work on bringing its HBO Go on-demand streaming video service to the iPhone, with a release planned for six months down the road. Eight months later, and we’re still waiting. That’s why we were glad to hear today that the app is still in progress, with both iPhone and Android versions lined up for release later this year.

HBO and Cinemax, with a MAX GO streaming service of its own, have started offering access to their online on-demand features to DirecTV subscribers. In order to use the sites, you don’t just need to receive HBO or Cinemax channels, but you must get them through one of a short list of providers; DirecTV joins the likes of Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon.

It’s reassuring to see that the HBO GO and MAX GO apps are in the works, but we’d really appreciate a proper update on them, rather than a side-note in another press release. Especially with the Android app, we have questions about its availability; after all, Netflix has been held up due to Android “security” issues and will supposedly only run on certain chipsets once it’s launched. As its service is so similar to HBO and Cinemax’s we’d hate to see them suffer the same fate.

Source: DirecTV

Via: Engadget

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