Hangouts out, Duo in for Google apps pre-load package

Is Hangouts dying a slow death as Google Voice is?

The expectation and the hope is that Google probably would let bygones be bygones, but the messaging and texting app may not have a foot in the door in just a couple of months.

In fact, on December 1, Google will actually remove Hangouts from the core Google Mobile Services package and replace the app with its new video chatting service, Duo. The “gapps” package is what gets pre-loaded from Google on all Android smartphones.

The change was announced in an email obtained by Android Police.

“Hangouts will become GMS Optional for telephony products,” Google stated.

That means that manufacturers can opt to have the app pre-loaded with the rest of the package, but, as David Ruddock points out:

There’s also no guarantee that manufacturers will stop bundling the Hangouts app on their devices, but I would strongly assume that’s likely – OEMs and mobile operators want to push their own messaging solutions, or those of partners paying for placement on their devices, and Hangouts was competition.

Interestingly, Allo is not required in the GMS package, though it may be more complicated to sell as a chat app than Google’s own barebones, SMS-based Messenger app — yet, it’s also not in gapps.

Google claims that Hangouts for Android will still receive support as the product is right now, though we could see more changes that could suit it for business as opposed to general communications.

Source: Android Police
Via: PCWorld

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