Hangouts integration with Google Voice is nearly complete, suggests debug tool

With Google+ Hangouts came the promise of integration with Google Voice down the road — it was supposed to be Google’s unified chat client for all of its communication services. Today, as one member of the internet discovered, this merger looks to be one step closer to completion, as a screen within the app showed off Hangouts Google Voice integration setup.

The screenshot was made possible because of a debug menu. This debug menu doesn’t come available out of the box, though a recently created app called #DebugAllTheThings made it possible to show it. You can download the debug utility yourself at the second source link. With all that aside, you’re probably itching to take a look at the message itself, so set your eyes at the image below.

hangouts google voice integration

As the setup itself doesn’t work — you can’t press “Turn it on!” and be successful at this stage in the message’s existence — you can tell that Hangouts Google Voice integration is happening. When it’s happening, or how everything will work together, is still an unknown for the most part right now.

Source: Reddit, XDA-Developers

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