AdDuplex estimates more than half of Windows phones in use should get W10M

While it’s certainly nice to see more than a dozen devices confirmed for Windows 10 Mobile updates, many of which are getting the sweet software goodie packs as we speak, we can’t overlook the fact Microsoft over-promised and under-delivered in terms of both ETAs and hardware requirements.

Sure, all’s well that ends well, but what about Lumia 1020 and 1320 owners? As it turns out, there may simply not be enough of those to justify the effort put into optimizing the new OS for ancient Snapdragon S4 Plus processors.

Otherwise, how do you explain that, despite these shocking omissions and the more predictable Lumia 520 or 530 snubs, the majority of Windows mobile devices in global use should move to W10M… eventually?

That’s 50.4 percent, to be precise, according to AdDuplex calculations, with the remaining 49.6 percent never to be brought up to date officially. The platform’s leading cross promotion network also claims roughly 15 percent of the phones capable of running Windows 10 Mobile already do, which is another number that might leave Android users green with envy.

Windows 10 Mobile upgradeability

Early this month, Google said a measly 2.3 percent of its endorsed products were on 6.0 Marshmallow, and while it’s impossible to estimate how many of the hundreds of millions of active Androids will ultimately score the update, it’s definitely nowhere near 50 percent.

The figure of course surges to over 80 percent as far as iOS 9 goes, so Redmond appears to be doing a decent but short of remarkable software support job.

In other news, the Lumia 520 continues to lead the WP charts, with 12.1 percent share, but the Lumia 535 is only 0.1 percent behind, followed by the 630 in third position, with 8.8 percent, and March’s fastest grower, the Lumia 640, which gained almost a full point to now eat up 7.3 percent of the pie. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL? They’re still not in the top ten.

Source: AdDuplex Blog

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