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Hackers compromise FBI's email system, send out fake cybersecurity warnings to thousands

According to a new report, the FBI's email system became abducted to a “sophisticated chain attack" and was used for sending thousands of phishing emails from legitimate addresses
By Sanuj Bhatia November 15, 2021, 8:59 am
fbi email system hacked

Emailing system of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), on Sunday, became victim of a "sophisticated chain attack" conducted by a group of hackers, according to a report from Bleeping Computer. The hackers managed to get access to the emailing system of the FBI and sent out thousands of phishy emails from "legitimate" FBI email addresses. The emails sent out appeared to have come from the legitimate FBI email addresses FBI uses which ends in @ic.fbi.gov.

Some of the emails were posted by The Spamhaus Project — the non-profit organization that investigates email spammers. The emails claim that the hack was conducted by Vinny Troia, who allegedly runs two dark web security companies: NightLion and Shadowbyte. On the other hand, Troia claims that the hack was conducted to defame him.

Since the hacking, the FBI has released a press note the servers were taken down as soon as the Bearua came to know about it. It says that the FBI "quickly remediated the software vulnerability, warned partners to disregard the fake emails, and confirmed the integrity of our networks." Moreover, it has been said that no data was compromised as the part of the hack.

Via: Bleeping Computer, The Verge

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