Not all hackers are vicious, antisocial, anarchy-loving people who only find pleasure in wreaking havoc upon government servers, TV studios and the personal lives of careless smartphone users with nude pics out in the open.

In fact, many skilled computer specialists choose to lend their talents in the service of the greater good (for a price), discovering security vulnerabilities before black hat hackers. One such white hat “penetration tester” recently sat down with What Mobile Magazine, confessing among others he’s found Windows Phone trickiest to infiltrate of all of the world’s major mobile platforms.

In case you’re wondering, yes, this 15-year-experienced Steve Lord included BlackBerry OS in his overview of the safest handheld operating systems, ranking it however second, ahead of iOS. Last place of course went to Android, which owes its high exposure to unwanted invasions of privacy to its open source nature, but also global mainstream prevalence.

When Windows Phone, or Windows Mobile, or Windows for Phones escapes the single-digit market share curse, we’re guessing hackers, both malicious and prevention-focused, will start dedicating more time to breaching Microsoft’s security walls. After all, on desktops the OS doesn’t have the greatest reputation, so it’s a little surprising to hear it’s so “hard to crack” on a small screen.

On an unrelated note, it’s apparently not wise to fully trust the claims of BlackPhone 2 or Turing Phone’s manufacturers, as “just because a phone is built with security in mind doesn’t mean it’s secure.” Even the original BlackPhone was susceptible to certain cyber-attacks, so the best way to make sure your personal, sensitive information doesn’t end up in plain sight online remains to “not put anything on your phone you wouldn’t want to see all over the Internet.”

Also, get the latest software updates, and buy from OEMs that can deliver them, never install apps of dubious origin, and don’t jailbreak or root your device… if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

Source: What Mobile
Via: WM PowerUser

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