It’s tough being a smaller virtual network operator these days, especially when you see all the growth get sucked up, monopolized by T-Mobile’s own MetroPCS. Well, beyond the first-party prepaid carriers, you can see that players like Simple Mobile and Republic Wireless are still trying.

Take H2O Wireless for example, which runs off of AT&T’s network. All of its plans play upon offerings for international texting and calling. Text is unlimited, period, while talk is free to 50 countries. If you’re calling outside of that list, you have complimentary credits to use.

The big compromise, though, has been the high-speed data offerings. The $30 per month plan nets you 500MB of data. Period. You have to add an extra $5 to the tab to get post-bucket “unlimited” throttled data. At $40, it grows to 1GB, then 2GB at $50 and finally, at $60, 3GB.

But things have¬†changed as H2O has apparently sent a missive to dealers that details changes to the $40, $50 and $60 plans. The amount of high-speed data jumps to 3GB, 4GB and 4.5GB, respectively. Why do customers only have a half-gig jump from the $50 level to the $60 one? We don’t know.

Will it provide any meaningful subscriptions boost to H2O? Let’s hope so, just for the sake of competition.

Source: Prepaid Phone News, H2O Wireless
Via: FierceWireless

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