Guess What Comes After the HTC HD2? The HD2 Pro

We know HTC very well. We can say with a very high level of certainty that after the release of the HD2, there will be an HD2 with a slide out keyboard, possibly called the HD2 Pro. Think about it: along with the Touch Diamond came the keyboard version for the professional user, the Touch Pro. And along with the Diamond2 came the keyboard version for the professional user, the Touch Pro2. See the trend? Each generation HTC releases a core flagship device without a keyboard (among other niche devices), then changes the form factor to appease those that crave a hardware keyboard. And this will undoubtedly happen with the HD2. Read on for more…

So imagine a razor thin HD2 Pro with a large 4.0″ capacitive screen (for the HD2 Pro, HTC will probably reduce the screen size to keep the device pocketeble and to maintain an acceptable width for the keyboard). Thanks to the popularity of the Touch Pro2, the HD2 Pro will also have a tilting screen, plus other productivity features that only HTC can dream of.

When would this happen? Considering that HTC unveiled the Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 at Mobile World Congress in February 2009, it’s logical that they’d choose that same event as the launching point for the HD2 Pro. It took four months for the Touch Pro2 to hit shelves after its announcement, so that brings us to the summer of 2010 for the HD2 Pro release. Also, because the HD2 Pro will support the Windows Mobile 7 chassis, we expect the HD2 Pro to launch with Windows Mobile 6.5 then get a free upgrade from HTC in the Fall of 2010 when WinMo heads out of the gate.

Yes, all of this is speculation, but knowing HTC, this all seems pretty reasonable, if not likely. Or, we can just wait until the next HTC leak =D.

Thanks for the rendering, @billerr!

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