The HTC Rezound appears to have an additional radio which makes it a global roaming capable device, a world phone if you will. According to recent reports, turning off LTE, throwing in a GSM SIM card in the slot and doing a little tinkering brings up a new global option. Voice calls and data were enabled after a little bit of hacking but texts aren’t there just yet. They’ll probably make an appearance once the community follows the lead and plays some more with the device.

Verizon seems to be preparing an over-the-air update for the Rezound as its documentation was published. The update itself is not available just yet but when it lands it should bring software version 2.01.605.11 and baseband version

Unfortunately this is not your Ice Cream Sandwich treat but rather a bugfix and improvement update which brings: updated signal strength meter to 5 bar, fixed screen timeout issues while connected to Wi-Fi have been resolved, resolved issue with Mobile Hotspot data stalling while multiple users are connected, improved audio quality during voice call, reduced forced closures related to the People application, improved device stability reduces continuous resets, and resolved issue with Task Manager stopping Mail background service.

The update itself could be pushed out in a matter of days or you’ll have to wait a little longer as the documents existence is no proof for an exact roll-out date. However, it should be worth it looking at the changes.

Source: DroidDog, Verizon (PDF)

Via: AndroidCentral

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