HomePod demand might be growing, as Apple Stores extend shipping estimates

For an Apple product with a rather atypical release schedule, unveiled way back in June, originally slated for a December 2017 commercial rollout, and ultimately put up for pre-order a couple of weeks ago, the Siri-powered HomePod didn’t exactly appear to sell like hotcakes.

Of course, it probably wasn’t fair to expect early demand on par with a new iPhone or Apple Watch for a rookie Cupertino-made smart speaker effort available at four times the price of a “standard” second-generation Amazon Echo.

Then again, the HomePod is currently only up for grabs in the US, UK and Australia, also coming to France and Germany sometime “this spring.” That limited availability, combined with reports of relatively modest initial shipments from assemblers and parts suppliers, put quite a bit of pressure on Apple to run out of inventory ahead of tomorrow’s official launch.

At last, delivery estimates have started slipping on US, UK and Australian online Apple Stores, which means sales aren’t that bad. Stateside, if you order the $349 HomePod right now, you can expect to receive it on Tuesday, February 13, which is the same projection listed down under. Meanwhile, February 14 is when new British HomePod purchases will begin to be fulfilled.

Actual sales numbers obviously remain under wraps, and we’ll probably have to rely on third-party market researchers for any future estimations, as Apple rarely shares specific figures for iDevices other than iPhones, iPads or Macs.

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