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For smartphone users, those who happen to catch a bug in action and are able and willing to report it to the OEM, the software vendor and to various other forums, seeing zero progress on fixing can be quite demoralizing. Google Pixel owners, we feel you.

In the case of the recently discovered exploit that allows users to eavesdrop on whoever they chose to drag into a Group FaceTime call, Twitter user MGT7500 claims that their teenage child reported the vulnerability more than 10 days ago.

It was only yesterday that the issue was spread across media, that Apple even addressed the issue — it has promised a fix and has shut off the service in the meantime — and that even the New York Governor’s Office issued a press release telling citizens to shut off Group FaceTime.

Given that Group FaceTime was a long-awaited, highly-demanded feature, the urgency was there. Some would wonder why Apple would allow the feature to be released in a half-baked state. But consider this one of the better outcomes in bug squashing.

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