We could get group calling in Google Duo, plus a low light mode soon

Google is working to improve its video call application. It’s supposed to get you in video calls with a group of participants and even get a new feature that would even make it adapt to low light conditions. We have been getting this type of rumors for a while now, but this is the first time we actually get to see what’s supposed to come in the future of Google Duo.

Google Duo is apparently going to allow you to video chat with up to 8 people, that means you and 7 more. This is still short to what we find in FaceTime, but at least it’s a start. You can make a group and start a call with all the participants at once or make a video call and start adding people. We also have a feature called Low light mode that’s going to automatically adjust your brightness and video settings to give you a better experience. In any case, we just have to wait to see if these new features are really useful or if they come at all.

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