Groove Music finally gets gapless playback, proper “Hazards of Love” experience

You don’t need to be a The Decemberists fan to appreciate the musical necessity of gapless playback. Concept artists (who might or might not get paid well depending on how you buy your music) will usually take great pains painting a story out through multiple, intertwined songs that blend into each other. If you don’t have gapless playback on, there’s a blaring quarter second of awkward silence waiting between those songs instead of a smooth transition.

As much as I’m pumping up on the experience, it is weird to see that Groove Music has finally been updated to include gapless playback on Windows 10 Mobile.

One of the bog standard features of music apps on our mobile devices has been gapless playback, so it was a little surprising for Groove to not have it from the start. But alas, Windows 10 Mobile is still in preview for a while longer, so it gets a pass from the public.

Ah, isn’t it a lovely night?

Source: Microsoft Store
Via: Windows Central

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