Groove Music dies and so does Cortana’s music identifying skill

Microsoft’s Groove Music service is officially dead. Our Adam Z. Lein publicly mourned its demise as one of the fresher options for streaming tunes. Little quirks like its giving away ten free tracks a month to users and its availability on Microsoft’s mainstream gaming console Xbox helped it carve a niche, but it was not one that could survive with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

Unfortunately, the shuttering of Groove has also apparently meant that Microsoft has lost access to its library of music and, thus, when digital assistant Cortana is prompted to detect music going on in the background, what results is a nonsensical listing that indicates that the detection service has been retired.

Windows Central notes that music detection app Shazam, picked up by Apple last month, dropped its Windows Store app in March and leaves the ecosystem empty of any app for that purpose.

Theoretically, Microsoft could make a deal to link up to third-party libraries and re-enable Cortana’s listening feature. Alas, at this point, it is left one step behind the likes of Siri and, most importantly, Google Assistant on the Pixel 2, where it can display results with always-listening microphones.

Image: Windows Central

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