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Pink and Green Samsung Galaxy S10 in the cards?

By Anton D. Nagy November 8, 2018, 9:00 am
Galaxy S10

We were all so busy and excited yesterday to hear about the Samsung foldable smartphone, One UI, and all the Infinity Displays in the works, that we might have missed an important hint. At one point in the presentation, the topic was how One UI will be able to apply a color theme to the user interface, matching the overall aspect of your phone. This is something Apple has been doing with its colorful iPhones, granted, at a much lower level that implies the wallpaper, as iOS is not that customizable.

In addition to white (for a grey phone), black (black phone), and blue (blue phone), the presentation, as you can see in the screenshot above, was showing off pink and green as well. This could be a good indication that the Galaxy S10 might be available in more color option. Specifically, those color options. As of the Note9, Samsung has started playing a little bit with the colors of the phone, in order to offer more choice to potential customers.

Samsung has already used a green shade with the occasion of the Emerald Green Galaxy S6. However, as of lately, it has been using more conservative colors, save for the Note9. We’ve also heard rumors of a possible palette expansion, but this early in time, we can’t draw any definite conclusions. It might be just a simple mock-up to illustrate and demonstrate a point, or it might be Samsung subtly hinting at things to come.

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