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Google’s upcoming Chromecast detailed in hands-on videos ahead of its launch

By Nadeem Sarwar September 25, 2020, 10:05 pm

Google’s upcoming Chromecast will be unveiled on September 30, but it is no longer a secret as the device has been popping up in leaks for months now. Some retail stores have already been photographed with the device on their shelf, while one lucky user even managed to buy one ahead of its official release. Now, hands-on images and videos of the Google’s next Chromecast dongle have appeared online, giving us a clear look at its design, the accessories that come with it inside the retail package, and even a UI walkthrough video that shows some of its capabilities and features.  

Image: Reddit – u/fuzztub07

Starting with the leaked images, they come courtesy of a Reddit user u/fuzztub07 who photographed the white variant of the device. The upcoming Chromecast dongle, which has been appearing in leaks under the codename Sabrina, has a familiar pebble-shaped design with a subtle Google branding on the front and power button at the back. As per images of the manual, the device has a USB Type-C interface for connecting to your smart TV. 

Image: Reddit – u/fuzztub07

The elongated pill-shaped remote has a scroll wheel-like navigation setup at the top which actually includes four distinct direction keys. It also had dedicated buttons for YouTube, Netflix, and of course, the Google Assistant. The box contents of the retail package include the dongle itself, the remote and two AAA batteries that go inside it, a power cable, and an adapter. Another Redditor u/jsterninja also posted a quick hands-on video of the upcoming device’s retail package whose branding says “Chromecast with Google TV“.

But that’s not all. We also get a look at the new Chromecast in action captured on video, giving us a walkthrough of its UI. Additionally, stills of the system info page reveal that Google’s next Chromecast will offer around 4GB of onboard storage and will run Android TV OS based on Android 10. Streaming apps that come pre-installed on the device include Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, Disney+, Sling TV and Hulu among others. There are separate rows for games that can be played using the bundled remote or a dedicated gaming controller

The Redditor also enthusiastically answered queries related to the device in the comments section and some of the key findings include 4K / HDR support, multi-account support, and the ability to sideload APKs from third-party app repositories. The device lacks an ethernet port and was reportedly sold by Walmart at $49.98, which is also the price that leaks have been predicting for Google’s next Chromecast dongle. The device lacks an IR blaster for controlling other appliances and misses out on an ethernet port too. Notably, it allows users to pair it with Bluetooth audio wearables as well


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